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Rebars and Rounds

Manufactured from Prime stock wire rod centrin. Meet the ASTM BS 449 or FEE 40 Specification standtard that are used to manufacture these steel rods for reinforcement. Carefully controlled, manufactured and quanitiy control procedures ensure that there is no material degredation in the straightening and cutting process. This results in a plain or deformed rebar having superior physical qualities thus ensuring consistency in length, straightenness and yield characteristics.

Diameter Type Of Rebar 6m  
5.5 mm M/S Rounds 885 Bars
6.0 mm M/S Rounds 740 Bars
6.0 mm Deformed High Ribbed 740 Bars
8.0 mm Rounds 420 Bars
8.0 mm Deformed High Ribbed 420 Bars
9.0 mm M/S Rounds 330 Bars
9.5 mm Deformed High Ribbed 295 Bars
9.5 mm M/S Rounds 295 Bars
10.0 mm M/S Rounds 265 Bars
10.0 mm Deformed High Ribbed 265 Bars
12.0 mm M/S Rounds 185 Bars
12.0 mm Deformed High Ribbed 185 Bars

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